PATRIOT Bermudagrass Renovation
Crofton, Maryland

                                   Sprigged July 18, 2012                             One week before opening day Sept 12, 2012                                                         

We incorporate many aspects of TURF management into our programs:
  • SOIL TESTING - results will form the outline for the fertility program
  • FERTILITY - the base of any maintenance program
  • CORE AERIFICATION - relieves compaction and supplies oxygen to the rootzone
  • LINEAR AERIFICATION - great for compacted poor draining fields -  See VERTIQUAKE in action
  • AERAVATION-SEEDING - overseeds while relieving compaction - See SEEDAVATOR in action
  • SODDING - usually ONLY in extreme areas, such as goal mouths
  • PRE and POST EMERGENT WEED CONTROL - Varies based on weed pressure and conditions
  • SPIKING - aides in leveling a worn field during the season
  • MOWING - proper mowing is vital to the overall health of the turf
  • IRRIGATION - ensure proper watering based on existing weather patterns
  • INFIELD PREPARATION - relieves compaction and levels the surface while creating drainage